Summer session 2019 dates

Here are the important dates to have in mind regarding the upcoming summer session 2019. Please read carefully and add these dates to your calanders.

1. March 1, 2019 Publish Newsletter # 1 Board, info from Arrkom
2. March 15, 2019 Call for papers and grant applicationspublished Coordinators
3. March 15, 2019 Coordinators publish call for scholarships and grants on their NSU website. Blog ready and linked from NSU website. (Who puts info on NSU – send to board email.) Coordinators, Arrkom
4. April 1, 2019 BLOG is completely ready and fully updated with relevant information. Link included in newsletter #2 Anna on behalf of Arrkom
5. April 1, 2019 Publish Newsletter # 2. PRICES! Call for mentor and youth leaders. Information regarding call for papers, grants, and scholarships (officially published but available as of March 15) Board, info from Anna
6. April 1 to May 1, 2019 REGISTRATION OF FUNCTIONS (Board, secretary, coordinators, keynotes, Arrkom, mentor, youth leaders) Arrkom, Set, Eret (Board contact for coordinators)
7. April 1 – 15, 2019 Application for mentor and youth leaders opens.Arrkom  
  April 17, 2019 Arrkom informs the mentor of results. Arrkom  
  April 19, 2019 Arrkom informs youth leaders of results. Arrkom  
8. By May 1, 2019 DEADLINE! Applicating for a scholarship, grant, and all applications closed.Participators, Coordinators  
9. May 15, 2019 Registration available to everyone. Participators, Coordinators  
10. By May 10 Coordinators provide information regarding accepted participants, grants, and scholarship proposals. Coordinators, Arrkom
11. By May 15, 2019 Inform grant and scholarship receivers via email. Receivers need to respond according to deadlines which can found on the support page for the grants and scholarships. Arrkom
12. May 15, 2019 Newsletter # 3! Board  
13. June 1, 2019 Homepage CLOSES for registration and payments! (unless there are still open slots)Coordinators, Arrkom, participators  
  July 26, 2019 Board and Arrkom arrive at the site of the summer session. (SM3 meeting)Board, Arrkom  
  July 27, 2019 Coordinators and Mentor arrive at the site of the summer session. (FM1 meeting)Coordinators, Mentor  
  Sunday, July 28, 2019 Participants arrive at the site of the summer session.  
  Monday, July 29 Summer session program begins.    
  Tuesday, July 30    
  Wednesday, July 31    
  Thursday, August 1 Excursion day  
  Friday, August 2    
  Saturday, August 3   FM2 meeting (with old and new coordinators, old and new board members)  
  Sunday, August 4 Departure  

Last updated May 28th, 2019.